Synchron-S OOD

SYNCHRON-S offers an advanced solution for fire protection of high-rise buildings

Fire protection of high-rise buildings attracts more and more attention in recent years as the main question is whether the occupants of these buildings are protected enough and what firefighting measures are necessary to ensure this protection.

During the design process of fire protection systems for high-rise buildings, it is necessary to take into account the particular problem of fire safety of these buildings in terms of architecture, construction, materials, presence of various types of rooms – from atriums to underground garages, large number of people and long evacuation time.

A major problem that must be overcome is that in case of fire, the smoke released by fire spreads very quickly vertically and horizontally throughout the building, even if the fire was localized only in one room. The smoke is highly toxic and it is a major reason for gassing and suffocation. The firefighting system must be chosen so as to eliminate the adverse effects of the smoke.

SYNCHRON-S offers such an approach and a new solution for firefighting, which unlike traditional systems not only stops the spread of smoke, but increases the speed and efficiency of fire extinguishing several times, significantly reduces the amount of water used, saves an architectural space, it is adaptive to the modern architectural concepts and offers maximum security for people and property, and the building itself.