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Hilton Sofia

Thai Culinary Days at Hilton Sofia

During the period 15 – 18 February Hilton Sofia will host Thai Culinary Days. Guests will be able to sample most favorite Thai dishes and delicacies prepared by the three guest chefs from Thailand together with the team of Hilton Sofia’s Executive Chef, Iva Mihaylova. Every evening the dinner buffet will provide variety of noodles, grilled meats, spicy salads and tempting desserts. Don’t miss the Papaya salad, the famous Thai Spring rolls, the Coconut prawn soup, Red curry with duck and the Thai pudding with sticky rice.

On 15 February the Thai dance group “Thai Esaan Entertainment” will have a special performance in order to add up the authentic atmosphere of the event.

The Thai buffet dinner price per person is BGN 49.00.

The Sunday Brunch on 19 February will feature a special Thai corner as well.

The Thai Culinary Days at Hilton Sofia are organized in cooperation with the Tourism Authority of Thailand – Balkan Representative Office.

About the Chefs

The three Thai chefs, who are visiting Hilton Sofia for the Thai Culinary Days, are based in Vienna. The head chef is Mrs. Saranchana Wiboonpanich (Song), a chef with a vast experience working with the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Austria, Slovenia, Spain, Romania and Bulgaria and a long lasting cooperation with the Royal Thai Embassy in Vienna. In her dishes, Chef Song successfully combines the urban flavours of Bangkok with the traditional spices and flavours of various regions of Thailand.

The dancers:

“Thai Esaan Entertainment” is an Amsterdam based dance group of three talented Thai women, who are originally from the Esaan region (Northeast Thailand). Their skills in traditional northeastern Thai singing and dancing have brought them together to form a performance group by the name of ” Thai Esaan Entertainment”. Unlike any of the Thai classical music and dances, “Thai Esaan’s” is unique and renowned for their verve and passionate rhythms, which reflect their way of life and culture. The Esaan people express their happiness through rapid movements in the folk dances and the rhyme of their music using the “Khaen” bamboo mouth organ in making a distinctive sound and melody.

For additional information, please contact:

Gergana Grigorova
Marketing Executive
Tel.: 02 933 5012