AmCham Bulgaria Meets Movement for Stability and Progress (NDSV)


AmCham news release

Following “publication” of its White Paper, AmCham Bulgaria is pleased to announce the second meeting with one of the parties vying for election on 12 May. On 30 April, AmCham Board members met with the National Movement for Stability and Progress (NDSV). The Movement was represented by Lyubomir Datsov, and George Naydenov, both on Movement’s economic and financial council. AmCham was represented by Peter Lithgow, AES and Alex Nestor, Dundee Precious Metals.

National Movement for Stability and Progress elaborated key economic and financial issues which are included in their Party Programme. Important areas of concern for economic development included: balancing the budget with a structural reform, increasing the EU funds absorption, easing the administrative burden and over controlling of business. The movement is aiming at integration of EU funds in the state budget structure as currently the economic and social goals are not reached with the EU absorption.

The movement believes that attracting of up to 35% FDI in GDP; reforming the universities and overall predictability of environment are crucial factors for economic growth.

During the conversations the AmCham elaborated on the analysis and recommendations in the White Paper, including political and economic certainty in the country with re-establishing of confidence in the political system; job creation and promoting sustainable business models.