AmCham Bulgaria Meets with Bulgarian Socialist Party


AmCham news release

Following the “publication” of the White Paper, AmCham Bulgaria is pleased to announce the third meeting with one of the parties vying for election on 12 May. On May 8, 2013, AmCham Board members met with the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP). The Party was represented by Evgenii Uzunov, Vice President of National Council of BSP, Kornelia Ninova, member of NC of BSP and former MP, Coalition for Bulgaria, Boyan Chukov, member of NC of BSP and head of Public Policy dept., Lyubomir Georgiev, Coalition policy dept., Boyko Lazarov, expert, Coalition policy dept.

AmCham Bulgaria was represented by Daniel Berg, Vice President, BoD members Sergey Koinov and Krassimira Chemishanska, and Valentin Georgiev, Executive Director.

BSP representatives praised the AmCham White Paper priorities that match to a great extent with the key priorities in their Party Program for economic development. BSP is open for a dialogue with the Chamber and is ready to discuss AmCham initiatives. In addition, BSP would like to send the Chamber draft laws for review and invite representatives of AmCham to the public hearings of legislative initiatives in the parliamentary committees.

If elected, BSP will guarantee the financial and social stability in the country, the latest not to be at the expense of the financial stability. The Party will aim at better business environment regulation so that the monopolies do not impede the survival of the SME-s.

According to the Party the three most important pillars for economic growth are: attracting of FDI; appropriate absorption of the European funds; internal consumption growth. BSP finds out that about 40% of all licensing regimes are unnecessary burden to the business and will work of cutting them out. The Party will keep the corporate flat tax of 10% but it is striving for progressive income taxation of incomes above 4,500 BGN.

In the field of education BSP will rehabilitate the professional secondary education. It will also develop the high education in way to serve the long term strategy of the economy. In the field of agriculture BSP will pledge for a limit to subsidies a certain company can receive and will focus on helping small producers in that respect.

During the conversations the AmCham reps elaborated on the importance of political and economic certainty and predictability in the country; legislative stability; expanding the role of the InvestBulgaria Agency; stimulating the SME-s and entrepreneurship; education and innovation incentives, including adapting the educational system in Bulgaria to the social needs.