Postbank joined United Nations Environment Programme

The financial institution commits to achieving balance between economic growth, environment protection and sustainability


September 18, 2013


Postbank ( joined the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative. UNEP FI works closely with over 200 members in over 40 countries, including banks, insurance and investment funds and represents a unique partnership contributing to the timely and constructive analysis of global, ecological and social problems in the light of businesses sustainable development.

„Postbank believes that a responsible financial institution can contribute to environment protection at the same time preserving its “healthy” state and profitability”, CEO of Postbank Petia Dimitrova commented.

UNEP was established in 1972 in Stockholm and encourages economic growth while caring for the environment as priority objective. UNEP FI was founded in 1992 when a small group of commercial banks joins UN’s efforts in catalyzing ecological ideas in the field.

The Initiative has the objective of triggering dialogue between a wide range of financial institutions, including commercial banks, investment banks, funds, international development banks and agencies and contributes to achieving balance between economic growth, environment protection and sustainability. An additional objective of UNEP is encouraging private investments in environmental clean technologies and services.

By joining the Programme Postbank commits to encouraging the integration of solutions for pressing environmental problems in all aspects of its operations.