Citi Foundation and Teach For Bulgaria support equal access to education at schools through the [email protected], [email protected] Programme

Citi Foundation and Teach For Bulgaria are pleased to announce the launch of the Better at School, Better at Life programme whose primary objective is to facilitate equal access to quality education for children. The programme targets over 230 secondary school students aged 13 -18 in two schools in the towns of Kostenets and Samokov. The Citi Foundation grant will help support the work of four teachers trained by Teach For Bulgaria and placed in the selected schools to deliver the programme.

Schools in low income communities face many challenges as there is a high concentration of students from underprivileged backgrounds with limited educational support from their families. These youths lack the motivation to attend classes regularly or to do well in school. The percentage of youths that drop out, never complete high-school and become juvenile delinquents is quite high. Better at School, Better at Life program aims at motivating the students to stay at school, improve their academic performance and complete their secondary education. Through various structured interventions the teachers will work with the students and help them according to their needs – assist students with potential enter into institutions of higher learning, work with students who lack the confidence to consider this step and support academically challenged students to improve grades and ultimately complete secondary education. Teachers will also conduct soft-skills sessions for students to develop competencies that will help them find better employment.

„We are very happy to partner with Citi Foundation in a programme aimed at supporting our teachers in their efforts to inspire young people, to make them believe in their success, to give them the confidence to aim high and to follow their dreams,” said Evgenia Peeva, Chief Executive Officer of Teach For Bulgaria.

“Citi shares our partner’s commitment to providing access to quality education to young people from challenged backgrounds. We believe that equipping young people with the tools to improve their skills and further their ambitions creates a better functioning community. We take pride in supporting this worthwhile initiative,” added Stefan Felstein, Citi Country Officer for Bulgaria.