Energies under control: ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 introduces the LOTO system

The company also joined the health project STOP and See a Doctor and sent a message with care and affection to life to working people in Stara Zagora

ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 joined the national campaign for prevention of oncological diseases STOP and See a Doctor. The company gave its employees information materials which popularize the project of the Ministry of Health. The action was part of the agenda of the third edition of the Safety Focus Day global initiative, introduced by ContourGlobal at the beginning of 2013 in all of its power plants around the world.

“The idea of this project is that early detection enables easier solution of the problem and improvement of the quality of life. It totally coincides with our understanding that it is much wiser to learn how to not let problems appear, both with our health and safety at work, than later try to cope with the consequences”, said Garry Levesley, CEO of ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3.

The other accent in the third Safety Focus Day at ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 TPP was the presentation of the newly-adopted LOTO system to the staff and the contractors of the company. LOTO (abbreviated from Lock-out. Tag-out) is a safety procedure which is used in industry to ensure that dangerous machines are properly shut off and not started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or servicing work.

The agenda for the safety day also included safety walks around the TPP, implemented in groups in different areas, training of the administrative staff in operating with fire-extinguishers, a safety and health seminar in the Professional High School for Energy and Electrical Engineering in Galabovo, and seminars with subcontractors of the company dedicated to the new LOTO system.

In the afternoon 40 employees participated in a global webinar (seminar through the Internet), during which the progress in the safety indicators and safety culture on a global level was reported.

ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 sent its message for health and safety with care and affection to life to all working people in Stara Zagora by placing two padlocks of the LOTO system on a heart-shaped art installation which Samaritans Association put in the 5th October park in the town.

The Safety Focus Day initiative was introduced by ContourGlobal in the early 2013 and is held every quarter. It aims at improving the safety indicators, raising the awareness of the company’s staff around the world and developing global safety culture.