TEDxAUBG and UniCredit Bulbank probed the Core of Inspiration

A theoretical physicist from CERN whose job is to uncover the secrets of universe, a former president of the biggest students’ organization in the world AIESEC, and a volunteer from the NGO sector of India, an influential entrepreneur and a best-selling author, a modernist animation artist and others were among the nine Bulgarian and international speakers at the conference for innovative ideas TEDxAUBG 2014 in the American University in Blagoevgrad, organized with the partnership of UniCredit Bulbank. The participants dedicated their talks at TEDxAUBG to the Core of Inspiration and smashed the conventional wisdom on topics such as leadership, education, business and social problems.

The biggest Bulgarian bank, UniCredit Bulbank, for a second year in a row said “yes” to the innovative event and included it in its sponsorship programme “FOR education”. Education, entrepreneurship, culture and innovations are some of the main areas of focus in the “FOR” programme of UniCredit Bulbank for corporate and social responsibility.

TEDxAUBG 2014 opened with the talk of Georgi Kamov, according to whom the social change does not necessarily mean to change the world but rather to create a better quality of life for people. Later, the theoretic physicist Rob Knoops, a CERN researcher, challenged the audience with the questions whose answers he and his colleagues are searching for: where do we come from, what are we made of, where are we going. It is a curious fact that besides the cutting-edge technologies, Rob and his colleagues at CERN work mainly with a chalk and a blackboard to understand the universe with the language of logic and mathematics.