Dual System of Education Discussed at a Forum

“We are here together precisely because we speak the same language and the positive change has already begun – the law on professional education and tuition has been approved at first reading and we hope to be voted in the next two weeks so that we can begin with the introduction of the dual system of education”– Minister Aneliya Klisarova shared during the conference “Education and Business” organized by the media group Bulgaria ON AIR, the online group Investor.bg in cooperation with Bloomberg Television.

“It is important for us, however, that credits from vocational education are recognized further so that education could be upgraded without extra fees. This depends on the each and every university. I would like to thank all the universities that have already signed contracts with professional schools“– the Minister of education and Science added.

She brought more evidence for a positive change – the upcoming vote for a new law on higher education and changes to the rules for Science Research Fund to enable it work effectively. According to Minister Klisarova the most important thing is the presence of good connection between the representatives of education, business and local mayors so that transition is smooth.

The interest to the forum was extremely high with over 300 participatnts. The most important current issues in the educational sector were discussed and solutions were sought from interested parties. Representatives of the country, education system and business, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and scientific organizations, media and NGOs came to the conclusion that the change is much needed, pretty late and depends on all of us.

The national strategy for education allows for lexibility, alignment of curricula with business; helping reindustrialisation via secure jobs and ensuring a fair start for all students, regardless of social status of families and admission of external evaluation of the educational process – from business and civil society.

The active participation in practical training and providing jobs in the dual system, investments in the development of innovative value-added products in cooperation with universities and participation in the funding of educational programs through establishment of scholarships, research centers and internships distinguished as the most important tasks in front of the business at the conference.

The participants in the conference from the NGO sector came to the conclusion that their role is focused on the application of the moral and ethical framework of the training process and track of continuity between governments and administrations. Important for them are the experiments with various projects for changing the environment as an innovative engine and last but not least – analysis of the educational system and investment in research more than any other participant in the process. Media representatives agreed upon the position for full decentralization of education as it currently creates a common functional illiteracy and defined its mission as an objective and impartial mediator in this process which gives a realistic dimension of the problems.

More information about the event: https://edu-business.info