AmCham Submits a Position on Public-Private Partnerships

Position Paper

On June 10, 2014, AmCham submitted a position on the Draft Act for repealing the Public-Private Partnership Act (“the Draft Act”) to Mr. Mihail Mikov, Chairman of the 42nd National Assembly and Mr. Chetin Kazak, Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee to the 42nd National Assembly.

The Position has been developed by members of a PPP Working Group to the AmCham Public Procurement and EU Funding Advisory Committee.

The AmCham position has been driven by the belief that a new publicly and politically supported vision about public-private partnerships (PPPs) is necessary to effectively promote such projects in Bulgaria. The vision should clearly communicate long-term goals, directions, and intentions in respect of PPPs.

Moreover, it should be accompanied by specific commitments and an action plan about the PPP implementation process if the Government would aim to position Bulgaria on the EU PPP map and attract reputable private partners.

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