Bulgaria and the USA are committed to work for expansion of the active bilateral dialogue

TTIP Update

Minister Daniel Mitov met with the US Ambassador to Bulgaria Marcie Ries. They discussed the current state of bilateral relations and a number of issues on the international agenda. Minister Mitov and Ambassador Ries shared the opinion that the active dialogue between Bulgaria and the US should continue and they underlined the mutual desire to intensify contacts in the field of economy and trade, where there is unused potential.

In this context, the Foreign Minister said that Bulgaria as a EU Member State actively supports the constructive negotiations between the Union and the US on the signing of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). In his words, this agreement is important not only because of the increase of the number of jobs and growth, but also from a geo-strategic point of view.

Among the topics of conversation were also cooperation in law enforcement, defence and security, and the Foreign Minister highly evaluated the US support for the development of capabilities and the increase of Bulgaria’s efficiency in this field. Ambasador Ries noted Bulgaria’s contribution as a NATO ally in places such as Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq. The two sides reaffirmed their will to continue the negotiations on the training of Libyan service members when the situation in Libya is stable enough.

Minister Daniel Mitov and Ambassador Marcie Ries expressed deep concern over the situation in Iraq and underlined the need of a strong and immediate commitment in support of the Iraqi authorities both onthe part of the international community and the countries in the region. The Foreign Minister condemned the barbaric murder of the American journalist James Foley, describing it as yet anotherbrutal act of cruelty by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

The development of the Ukrainian crisis was also discussed at the meeting. Daniel Mitov and Marcie Ries expressed hope for a positive outcome of the four-lateral talks held in Berlin and underscored the responsibility of Russia for the de-escalation of tensions in Ukraine.