The Mayor of Sofia Jordanka Fandakova Opens the American English Academy In Sofia, Lozen Area

“I am very glad that in these years of economic crisis, we are making the most important investment – the investment in our children and their education,” Jordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia, said in her speech at the opening ceremony of the American English Academy in Sofia.” At this moment 120 children, from over 30 different nationalities are being educated here… I am happy that currently the American English Academy offers a program that will give its students the opportunity to receive a Bulgarian diploma, as well as the American one,” added Mrs. Fandakova.

The mayor expressed her gratitude for everyone who has worked for the completion of the new building – the designers, the construction company, the mayors of Lozen, and Pancharevo.The architect of the building Mr. Craig McConley, and Mrs. Ruth Munsey, president and founder of the school, expressed their appreciation too.

Over 100 students of the American English Academy, from different nationalities, aged 3 to 18, participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony too. They performed the AEA hymn, and the national anthems of Bulgaria, and USA.

The ceremony was also attended by His Excellency the Ambassador of Kazakhstan Temirtay Izbastin, the deputy mayor of Sofia Irina Savina, the mayor of Pancharevo Dimitar Sichanov, the mayor of Lozen Vassil Stanchev, students, and teachers from the school.