Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Bansko Donates One Tonne of Food to the Dancing Bears Park in Belitsa for the Second Consecutive Year

Тhe hotel repeated its “One Team, One Goal- One Tonne of Food” initiative

On 13 October, Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Bansko’s management team visited the Dancing Bears Park in Belitsa for a planned team-building event and donated one tonne of fresh fruits. The time of the visit was scheduled purposely for October. This time of the year, the bears are preparing themselves for winter hibernation and they need more carbohydrates and vitamins. The park’s staff will hide the donated food in different places so the bears can find it as they normally do in their natural life.

Built on an area of 120,000 sq m, the Bears Park in Belitsa is the largest rehabilitation centre for bear protection in Europe, offering them a future beyond pain and agony. The previous owners of the animals used them to entertain tourists in resorts. They trained them at a young age to dance with fierce training methods, like standing on hot-iron plates while someone played the fiddle, so the bear would keep moving to avoid the pain from burning. They would often pierce their noses with an iron ring, making the animal quickly fall captive to its owner. Thanks to the Four Paws organisation, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and the municipality of Belitsa, the dancing bears are back in their natural habitat surrounded by dense forests, meadows and specially made dens and ponds. Now, 24 bears, ranging in age from 5 to 32-years-old, live at Bears Park Belitsa and are allocated by temperament into seven sectors.

General Manager Mr Athanassios Manos commented, “A visit to the Dancing Bears Park is not just as a team building activity, but a great opportunity to show our humanity towards the bears in the park. Today we all learned some news about the bears and most importantly, at the end of the day, we all shared a feeling of joy and satisfaction for completing one good deed. Herewith, I would like to express my respect to all of the people taking care of the animals and want to assure that Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Bansko will continue to support them in their mission.”

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