Forbes Business Awards 2014 continues to accept applications

Applications will be accepted until November 21 on the contest site

Applications will be accepted online onбизнес-наградите-на-forbes/кандидатствай-он-лайн/ until 21 November.


Participation is free. Participants will have to answer several questions about their business.Candidates for the prestigious award may compete in more than one category.


The categories accepting applications:


·       Client Policy

·       Business development

·       Excellence in Products

·       Excellence in Services

·       Human development

·       Community involvement Award

·       Employee of the year

·       Best Start up


Candidates will be rated by an independent jury of representatives of the business community.


The competition is conducted for a fourth consecutive year. It is aimed at encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit and good business practices. To learn more about Forbes Business Awards 2014 , please visit Forbes Business Awards 2014 , please visit Forbes Business Awards 2014 , please visit