AmCham Submits Proposals Regarding the Draft New Public Procurement Act

Position Paper

On May 11, 2015 and on January 13, 2015, AmCham submitted Positions accompanied by specific legislative proposals regarding the draft new Public Procurement Act to the Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Dontchev, the Minister of Economy Bozhidar Loukarsky and to the Executive Director of the Public Procurement Agency Miglena Pavlova.

The proposals have been developed by members of the AmCham Public Procurement and EU Funding Advisory Committee as part of the ongoing process of implementing the package of new EU Directives of 2014 in the field, which have to be transposed into Bulgarian law by April, 2016. They aim at increasing transparency in Bulgarian public procurement, providing foreign companies (either large multinationals or SMEs) with de jure and de facto equal access to bidding in the country, increasing competition on the market and basically suggest an anti-corruption driven platform.

Cover Letter – May 2015
Proposals and comments on the PPA
Cover Letter – January 2016
Proposals Regarding the New PPA