ICCO appoints Maxim Behar as President

The International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) announced that it has appointed Maxim Behar as its new President, at its Global Summit. Behar is a globally recognised PR expert, CEO of leading Bulgarian PR consultancy M3 Communications Group and Hill+Knowlton Strategies Chairman for Czech Republic.

He has been Vice-President of ICCO since December 2013, alongside ICCO President David Gallagher, Senior Partner, CEO, Europe & Chairman, London. He was formerly the Treasurer of ICCO, a role which he held for three years. Behar will take on the new role at the ICCO Board Meeting on 10th October.

Speaking at the ICCO Summit, David Gallagher said: “Maxim brings an extraordinary mix of energy, experience and diplomacy to everything he does, and his passion for our business and this organisation is infectious. Many more good things are on the ICCO horizon.”

Francis Ingham, ICCO Chief Executive, added: “Maxim lives and breathes international PR. His commitment to our industry, and his passion for its future make him the ideal person to lead ICCO. The growth we have enjoyed in recent years will be turbocharged under his leadership.”

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