“GoodKnight” Academy

My name is Max Baklayan, I am the CEO of TAVEX Gold&Exchange

for Bulgaria. Being an active businessperson and a responsible parent of two gorgeous young children, the time spent with my family is pretty limited. Driven by the belief that happy and healthy kids grow in a healthy and balanced environment and the difficulties encountered when searching for a qualified babysitter we decided, together with my wife, to create a platform that solves the problem. To our surprise the babysitter profession in Bulgaria in non-existent and the people practicing it are non-specialists with zero training.

For this purpose we created the “GoodKnight” Academy, which is a totally free course that aims to provide professional qualification to anybody who plans to deal with kids – students, expecting mothers, women in retirement age and many others.

Our initiative is supported by the Parents Association, National Network for Children, the Essence Foundation and the Bulgarian Red Cross. Together with professionals who work in these organizations, as well as pediatricians, pedagogues and actors we have developed an interactive training program.

For us this initiative is a cause and we strongly believe that it will help many young parents to have more time for themselves and for each other, whilst their kids are taken care of by a trusted and knowledgeable sitter. On the other hand this will enable students to combine their curriculum with their work schedule, as well as have a job with long-term positive effects on their soft skills and personal development. They will learn to apply their talents, be responsible and proactive. Last but not least the experience will help them be prepared, confident and understanding future parents.

More information about the initiative can be found here and here or you contact me directly at [email protected]