Last Call for TTIP – The Views of European Diplomats in Washington, DC

TTIP Update
Key Findings:
– TTIP is among the top three most important issues in diplomatic relations with the United States.
– The increasing amount of publicly available material on TTIP is not yet sufficiently used as a resource by the public.
– With a majority of citizens still uninformed or uninterested in TTIP (61 percent), the need to inform and convince this majority about the benefits of TTIP are immense.
– There is a great deal of work to be done at the European, regional, and member-state levels to inform, engage, and enthuse citizens about TTIP.
– Reaching a final TTIP agreement before the end of US President Barack Obama’s term is seen as possible or very likely by a majority of the respondents. Only 44 percent see an agreement by the end of 2016 as unlikely.
– Dispute resolution/investor-state dispute settlement is seen as the main roadblock to concluding TTIP negotiations.

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