Postbank launches Online Video Loan, a new product for the market aimed at saving clients’ precious time

Postbank has been offering an entirely new product for the Bulgarian market since the start of July 2016 – Online Video Loan Launching this alternative and convenient financing method, the bank has made yet another step in developing modern and innovative financial solutions which meet the clients’ individual needs.

Every work day from 8:30 to 20:00, as well as from 10:00 to 14:00 on Saturdays, clients can receive completely free online video consultation via Skype by the bank’s experts who can submit their application during the conversation. The bank commits to responding quickly in two working hours after submitting loan applications within the specified opening hours. If the loan application is approved, the financial institution’s employees will set a date and time, convenient for the client, to sign the contract and receive the loan amount. Clients can freely choose the purpose of the loan according to their particular plans such as covering their running costs, refinancing current liabilities, etc.

“Our clients’ time and comfort are our priority and this is why we provide them with the best innovative and digital products and services. They are accessible via channels, preferred by clients, and via an easy method, adjusted to the market and clients’ concrete needs. The finance solutions we offer correspond to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges and this is why we focus on the innovations, which save our clients’ time and are in their favour. They can benefit from the advantages of the services we offer such as more free time for their personal plans and development, family and friends,” Rumen Radushev, Head of Individual Banking and Alternative Channels at Postbank, comments.

Postbank’s new product, Online Video Loan, provides comfort and saves the time otherwise spent for in-person bank visits. In addition, clients can receive up to BGN 25,000 and up to 7-year repayment period under the new loan. The offer includes a fixed interest rate during the whole loan period, no fees and commissions for loan application processing and monthly payment account maintenance. A payroll bank account or use of various additional products and services are not required. All clients who apply for the Online Video Loan by end-August and utilize the funds will receive a qualified e-signature to make funds management easier and more convenient.

Clients can apply for the new loan on the bank’s website,, where they can start a direct video call via Skype, by pressing a single button. They only need to have Skype installed on their computer, telephone or tablet and an active Skype profile. In addition, the bank provides an alternative connection method with a specialized expert through submitting a request for an online video call, as a bank’s officer will contact clients on a convenient date and time they have specified in the request.

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Sylvia Kostova, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing Division at Postbank

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