Mtel is offering its mobile TV service Mtel Now for free with triple bundles

Mtel is offering its mobile TV service Mtel Now for free with triple bundles, which combines TV, home broadband internet and mobile services. The exclusive promotion will beavailable for all users who sign a 2 year contract. They will have a free access to Mtel Now for the whole period of the contract without additional payment. The promotion is valid for 4 out of the 5 triple bundles offered by Mtel – Mix Standard 50, Mix Extended 75, Mix Extended+ 100, or Mix Premium 200. The triple bundles include over 200 TV channels, up to 200 Mbps of broadband internet and unlimited calls, as well as 4G mobile internet.

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Mtel Now is changing the way the consumers watch television, as it gives access to 40 of the most popular TV channels everywhere and anytime. It streams content directly to the user’s smartphones, tablets or laptops. Mtel’s clients can access Mtel Now on up to 5 different devices. The new online TV service offers rewinding the channel’s content up to one week back and allows up to 10 hours of recording of selected TV shows which can be accessed for a period of three months. The app also has an integrated TV program and is available online, or via an app for Android or iOS.

Mtel and Blizooare offeringjoint portfolio of double and triple bundles for TV, home broadband internet access and mobile services since June. The new portfolio is another step forward in the process of integration of both companies. The offers in the new portfolio can be bought in all Mtel and blizooshops.