Cloud Storage for Your Business 101

Everyone is talking about the cloud and you don’t want to miss out on this bandwagon but you don’t know where to start? pCloud comes to the rescue to help you figure out cloud storage and try the service 100% free of charge.

One of the major issues businesses nowadays face is that they operate with large amounts of data, yet much of it is unstructured and almost impossible to organize and monitor properly. This is where cloud storage and collaboration tools such as pCloud Business come very handy – such a tool enables any company of any size to put a clear order in their document flow, keep track of any piece of information inside and out the firm, and ultimately increase productivity.

Cost efficiency is another huge benefit of cloud solutions, especially with pCloud Business’ pay-as-you-go pricing model – companies can easily optimize their operational spend by paying only for resources they actually need and use, and easily scale their expenditures when the business grows or shrinks.

On top of this, with cloud storage companies no longer need to invest in costly local servers and other storage hardware, and neither need managers worry about this equipment’s maintenance.

The perks of the cloud extend not only to managers and system administrators but to employees as well, as they give anyone maximum flexibility and the opportunity to work from home, remote offices or even on the go.

All this happens at unlimited upload and download speed, which makes the cloud solution feel almost native to the device, on which it is used.

Of course there is the matter of security. Malware, crypto viruses, hacking attacks or even employee mistakes can compromise company data and leave companies exposed to liability and huge financial losses. This is why pCloud has focused significant effort into creating a service that is as secure as it can be, raising the bar for online safety and privacy of information. Along with sophisticated encryption, the company offers pCloud Crypto – a service that allows for unhackable client-side encryption and zero-knowledge privacy on behalf of the provider.

Right now, pCloud is inviting any interested companies to try the innovative pCloud Business service absolutely risk-free.
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