We will travel easy and convenient in the subway with a debit card issued by Municipal Bank

Municipal Bank is preparing a unique market proposal for its customers – contactless debit card with a transport application METROPASS. The service for loading the debit card to travel with the subway is free of charge. Only the value of the loaded package of transport documents is paid.

We can now travel the metropolitan subway also with a debit card issued by Municipal Bank. Only in few days – from 1 August, will start the new service of the Bank and it will be practical and easy to travel with the subway as for a pass will be used a debit card.

The uniqueness of the contactless card DEBIT MasterCard issued by Municipal Bank is in the transport application METROPASS. Through this application the contactless debit card can now be used as a transport document for the subway after the cardholder loads the card through an ATM of Municipal Bank, which is installed on the entrance of the metropolitan subway. With the card will be paid and loaded certain number of trips which will be also loaded into the electronic cards for the subway. The citizens can choose for themselves how many trips to load to their cards though the menu of the ATMs of Municipal Bank and they can use the cards to enter the subway right away. There are 15 new ATMs installed on different subway stations on Line 1 and 2 for the customers’ convenience.

Upon entering the subway will be charged one of the loaded trips with the contactless card issued by Municipal Bank. The card is read contactless simply by approaching the validator as is done with the electronic subway card. The new service will eliminate the need for passengers to purchase and carry separate subway card. DEBIT MasterCard issued by Municipal Bank offers entirely free of charge usage of METROPASS by the citizens upon loading single trips and will pay only the value of the trip.

“METROPASS is an innovative and unique service for the Bulgarian market. The goal is with it to save time for our customers and to create additional convenience when using our products” said Sasho Tchakalski – Executive Director and Chairman of the Management Board of Municipal Bank.

The cardholders of the new debit card will receive two functionalities united in one: to use the card as transport document when traveling the subway, as well as an electronic payment instrument with all the payment functions of a standard contactless debit card.

Municipal Bank has prepared a special promotional game in which 20 winning cardholders will be refunded the loaded trips.

METROPASS is a trademark meaning a transport application built into the chip of the electronic, contactless debit card DEBIT MasterCard and issued by Municipal Bank. When withdrawing cash, as well as paying in a shop, those operations are with a guaranteed level of security using the most innovative technology EMV. The cardholders are protected also while using the Internet payments by the completely free of charge service of the Bank – “3D Secure Payments.” The contactless debit card DEBIT MasterCard is issued in all financial centers of Municipal Bank.