Mtel clients get two times more data traffic with a special offer for Mtel bezkrai and Mtel surf tariff plans

Subscribers can make use of the promotion by the end of September

From the 1st of August Mtel will offer two times more mobile data traffic with the tariff plans Mtel bezkrai and Mtel surf. The special offer will last until the end of September, with the double data traffic valid until the end of the contract.

The subscribers of Mtel bezkrai M, L, 2XL and 3XL will get two times more data traffic on maximum speed. Mtel bezkrai M users will have an additional 800 MB available. For Mtel bezkrai L the extra data will be 2000 MB, and for Mtel bezkrai XL – 3000. Subscribers of Mtel bezkrai 2XL and 3XL will get 16 000 MB and 30 000 MB more data traffic respectively.

The mobile internet tariffs Mtel surf S, M, L and XL will also be offered with two times more data traffic. This way, the Mtel surf S subscribers will get an additional 3000 MB, Mtel surf M will come with 6000 MB more and Mtel surf L and XL – 14 000 and 16 000 MB extra data respectively.

Furthermore, the special offer includes 50% discount from the monthly subscription fee for the Mtel surf M, L and XL plans. For Mtel surf M the discount will be valid for the first 6 months of contract duration, while for L and XL – for the first 12 months.