United Nations foundation and Esri team up to Combat Malaria

The United Nations foundation “Nothing But Nets” uses Esri technology in their campaign to raise awareness, funds, and voices against the preventable disease. 

In its tenth year, Nothing But Nets is a global campaign dedicated to saving lives by preventing malaria, a disease that is said to claim the life of a child every two minutes. The foundation provides bed nets and other malaria interventions through their UN partners to families across 30 African countries, where the majority of malaria deaths occur. To support their efforts in the battle with this vector-borne disease Esri, the leader in geographic information systems, provides the software that helps improve public awareness on the issue.

Recently, Nothing But Nets created an interactive Web GIS map based on Storymap application and Esri’s ArcGIS platform to help people learn more about the disease. Providing geostatistical information the new story map shares the work of the campaign, the progress against malaria and the path forward towards eradication. Through the embedded pictures and videos the map tells the story of a Uganda girl and her family and their constant battle with malaria. The map is interactive, easy to use, and campaign organizers hope it will help teaching those who want to know why and how the organization work to fight malaria—and how to get involved.


For more case  studies on Esri collaboration with nonprofits visit esri.com/sustainable-development.