200 people join Postbank’s green initiative „Charger with a Heart”

In  2016 Postbank has joined the global initiative PARK(ing) Day for the fourth consecutive year. Over 200 Sofia residents visited the specially created green area outside the bank’s branch on 30, Tsar Ivan Shishman Str. During the event, everyone could ride a bicycle and take care of their own health and nature by generating green energy to charge their mobile devices. The bank organized its ‘green energy power station’ project with the support of Sport Depot which had provided the bicycles. The chargers, converting mechanical energy into electric, had been developed specially for the project by Robopartans Robotics School.


The idea of the event was to use an attractive approach to focus people’s attention on their health and encourage them to act responsibly to environmental protection. The campaign was the financial institution’s way to contribute to the popularization of sports in urban environment and remind about the alternative ways of green energy generation. For a day, without leaving the green areas, the initiative participants covered over 660 km riding and generating energy of 432,000 J. Bicycle riding is one of the most popular cardio activities among the people willing to stay in good shape and have a healthy way of life. It is also one of the cheapest, accessible and enjoyable sports.

The initiative is a part of Postbank’s long term policy and numerous implemented projects aiming at nature preservation. The financial institution continuously develops its programme for encouraging ecological attitude in its employees and clients in line with its comprehensive sustainable development policy.