Esri to support Digital Education in Europe

The European Commission is launching a multi-stakeholder partnership to tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe. 

In coordination with the work under Education and Training 2020 strategy the Commission brings together Member states, social partners, educational and business institutions to take actions and share best practices in the field of digital education. According to the Commission, nearly 100 million Europeans have never used the Internet and 1/3 of all employed lack digital skills. The commission is concerned that by 2020 Europe may have about 750,000 jobs that can`t be filled with trained and prepared workers.

To help solve these issues Esri, the global smart mapping leader, have formally pledged a “GIS School Program” to the initiative. The program will offer free access to the ArcGIS Online platform for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education to 300 primary and secondary schools and vocational institutions in 10 EU member states by the end of 2017.

The Esri initiative “GIS School Program” is designed to enrich school education for every student across Europe who participates. GIS is applicable in all sorts of different industries, including public sector, utilities, transportation, health services, defense etc. and will give a broader perspective to the students. Through GIS they will be able to acquire digital skills such as:

– Managing and analyzing large sets of digital maps, and satellite images

– Working with software and data in the Cloud

– Working with and creating mobile apps

– Producing multimedia Story Maps to disseminate their findings

– Developing skills in spatial thinking that will help them in their careers

To bring the program in schools Esri depends on its vast network of distributors around Europe and hopes to attract many professionals who can offer advice and guidance to schools in local languages.

Realizing that there is a shortage of students in Europe with GIS-related digital schools and at the same time many open positions requiring these skills, the company pledges the “GIS School program” with the hope that it can help fill these jobs with quality employees who recognize the value of GIS, spatial data, and special thinking.

More information on the topic can be found on this link .