Experts from various sectors get re-qualified in Information Technologies

Bulgaria is among the leaders as an outsourcing destination

– According to data released by the Agency of Foreign Investments, the educational system has contributed to that

Experts from various professional areas get re-qualified and start looking for jobs in the IT sector. According to data released by Minds Technologies, peoplemost frequently intent on making a change in their careers have previously occupied administrative positions, have worked in call centers, the police, or as logistics managers, economists, or financiers. The re-qualification usually takes from six months to a year in order to enable such people to enter the sector, though Minds advises applicants to spare at least a year for their adequate preparation and the acquisition of professional expertise, so that they would be able to hold good positions after that period.

Such professional careers most frequently startwith the position of the so-called quality experts, testing programs and products. The acquisition of the skill of programming itself in various computer languages takes longer and not everyone succeeds in achieving re-qualification in this sphere.

Bulgaria is the best outsourcing destination in Europe for 2015, according to the ranking of European Outsourcing Awards.Although Bulgaria still lacks in qualified experts in that sphere, our educational system has a significant contribution for this leading position.

According to data of the Agency of Foreign Investments, we have registered an increase of 15% in the number of IT university graduates for the last three years (2013-2016).The long-term government strategy for the encouragement of software experts plans to train 30,000 specialists in 15 years. An increase of 80% of admission of IT specialists is also planned at universities and other higher educational institutions.

Our country also has a traditionally high-quality secondary education in the areas of mathematics and informatics – by 2015, at the International Olympiad for Mathematics, the Bulgarian team had won 55 gold, 102 silver, 101 bronze medals, and 8 honorary diplomas.

“Education and government strategy are of key role for us to stay as a long-term competitive outsourcing destination. Meanwhile, companies invest in the training and re-qualification of specialists. There are a lot of sectors with decreasing prospects of development and it is only natural for their employees to look for an opportunity for re-training. We startspecial programs that will help them in that process,” says Mr. Peter Danchev, the Manager of Minds Technologies.