AmCham Meets with Movement for Rights and Freedoms

AmCham Bulgaria Board members met with the leadership of Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) on Feb. 23, 2017 to discuss 2017 AmCham priorities in the improvement of business environment outlined in the White Paper and to learn more on the program declaration of MRF.

MRF was represented by Mustafa Karadaya, chair, Yordan Tsonev, economic expert, Filiz Hyusmenova, member of European Parliament, Ilhan Kyuchyuk, member of the committee on foreign affairs, and Peter Chobanov, economic expert.

AmCham Board members at the meeting were: Venislav Iotov, AIG Europe Limited, vice-president of the Chamber, Alex Nestor, AmCham executive director, Olivier Marquette, AES Bulgaria, Iva Todorova, IBM Bulgaria, lawyer Zlatina Ruseva-Savova, individual member, Petar Ivanov, individual member.

AmCham leadership presented the key priority areas as rule of law and judicial reform, investment promotion policy on a state level, recognition of the contribution of foreign investors in the country and improvement of public perception towards them; reform of the outdated labor legislation that is not flexible and not in line with the needs of young people. Sustainability of the energy system and development of long-term energy strategy were discussed as well.

Yordan Tsonev presented the key priorities in MRF program, namely rule of law, tax system preservation, human capital development and education, investment promotion, healthcare and e-government reform.

“MRF believes that the procedural issues and the administrative and legal procedure in the judicial system are on the first place, but not the prosecution structure and criminal proceedings”, further said Tsonev. There is a lack of a modern and quick process of help to the business, he added.

According to MRF the state itself shall take the responsibility to license investors in order to relief the administrative burden for the business.

“MRF program declaration is fundamental and we would like to be the program of the future governance in Bulgaria. Moreover, MRF is open for more improvements in the program from the business”, Mustafa Karadaya said.

Until now, AmCham has had meetings with Hristo Ivanov, “Yes, Bulgaria”, Radan Kanev, “Nova Republika”, Boyko Borissov, GERB Party. AmCham will meet “Volya” Party of Veselin Mareshki, The Reformist Block and the Bulgarian Socialist Party.