AmCham White Paper 2017

Every two years the AmCham Bulgaria’s Board of Directors revisits its White Paper to reflect the collective thinking of our membership about the most relevant and current priority areas. This White Paper incorporates our recommendations aiming to strengthen the country’s competitiveness and promote economic growth, investments and employment.

Bulgaria, similar to many other countries, continues to face challenges to rebuild confidence in institutions, ensure policy predictability, adopt measures to address restrictive labor regulations, strengthen quality of education and invest in the creation of well-qualified workforce. These challenges are not unique to Bulgaria, yet the country would benefit significantly from a targeted and open communication about the direction, priorities and rationale for key government actions.

We also believe that increased involvement of the business community in the overall legislative process will significantly contribute to achieve the ultimate goal – a predictable and sustainable political, economic and regulatory environment.


AmCham White Paper 2017 in English and Bulgarian.

AmCham White Paper 2017 – Executive Summary in English and Bulgarian.