The American College of Sofia offers admission to Bulgarian students after the completion of 8th and 9th grade

Admission of Bulgarian Students after Grades 8 and 9

School Year 2017-2018

The American College of Sofia offers admission to Bulgarian students after the completion of 8th and 9th grade. The policy is in response to great public interest and corresponds to the mission of the College to provide first-class education to talented and motivated Bulgarian students and to prepare them to meet the most challenging academic requirements of any university in the world. The College has built a reputation of a prestigious secondary school with high academic standards and many extracurricular opportunities for its students. After the successful completion of the course of study, students receive a Bulgarian and an American high school diploma.

Who May Apply:
All Bulgarian students or permanent residents who fulfil the following requirements:

– They have successfully completed Grade 8 orGrade 9 in 2017-2018 school year in Bulgarian schools on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Students from foreign schools on the territory of Bulgaria are not eligible for this program.

– They have a GPA of at least 5 (B) for their last year of study. This is certified by a final year-end transcript.

– Their year grade in Bulgarian Language and Literature for the last year of study is at least 5 (B).

If you have any questions regarding the conditions for applying please do not hesitate to contact us before you register for the exam.


  1. REGISTRATION till March 31th, 2017

To register online please visit

The registration fee of $105 is payable directly to ERB.

  1. ADMISSIONS EXAMApril 22th, 2017

The applicants will take the standardized ISEE test (Independent School Entrance Exam) in English language. The test is prepared and assessed by the external organization for independent academic assessment ERB (Educational Records Bureau) The American College of Sofia is the test site for the Admissions exam. All applicants will take the Upper Level of the ISEE exam.


All applicants who have successfully passed the Admissions exam may enroll at ACS under the tuition policy set for Bulgarian students at the College. Students may apply for a tuition fee reduction (Financial Aid) corresponding to the financial need of their families.



Maria Ilieva, Chief Executive Recruiter
Tel.: 02 / 434 10 10, ext. 419
E-mail address: [email protected]