AmCham Bulgaria and denkstatt Bulgaria Launch Joint Project “State of Sustainability in Bulgaria”

The American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and its member company – denkstatt Bulgaria are pleased to announce the launch of a joint project “State of Sustainability in Bulgaria”.

There is a growing discrepancy between the societal perception of “sustainability” and how it is viewed by business. The term coined and promoted by NGOs, media and governments often implies more regulations, restrictions and inadequate expectations towards businesses. AmCham Bulgaria and denkstatt wish to instigate a discussion on a more business and market-friendly understanding of sustainability in Bulgaria.

The project objectives in a nutshell:

  • To determine what the understanding of sustainable development is among businesses;
  • To develop a “snapshot” of the current status of sustainability at national level;
  • To identify the trends and the prevailing sustainability practices in key economic sectors;
  • To determine which sectors and companies are most active in the implementation of sustainability practices.

The project deliverable will be a report including the findings from a survey among AmCham member companies and other companies which are involved in public discussions on the sustainability topic (e.g. Kapital 200) and its aim is to provide an insight into how businesses understand sustainability and how this understanding is reflected in their business decisions and practices.