Top ICT Employer

After five successful editions of „Top ICT Employer“ – a project of the Technology publisher ICT Media and JobTiger, Career website and HR company, we kindly invite you to participate in the sixth edition of the project that will be implemented in 2017.

„Top ICT Employer“ aims to identify the leading companies in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector in Bulgaria, to outline the leading trends in the management and development of human resources in this area and to identify the key areas where managers could improve the efficiency of human capital and the efficiency of the organizations they manage, as a whole.

Why to participate?

– Through the specially developed methodology you will find out the levels of employee engagement in your company.

– You will find out degree of integration of strategies, policies and procedures for human resource management (HRM) in your organization, and the relationship between the key results of the company with HRM.

– You will find your place as an employer among the leading IT companies.

– The survey collects anonymous employee responses and no confidential, financial or personal data.

– The survey is completed online which gives an opportunity to every employee or manager to choose the time and place to complete it.

– The process takes approximately 30 minutes and the completion of the survey can be interrupted and continued later.

– The participation in the survey is completely free.

See the invitation here.

For further information and registration please visit or contact us:

M: 0884 216 652

М: 0884 070 906

Е: [email protected]