UniCredit Bulbank’s customers look for a combination of new technologies and traditional banking

UniCredit Bulbank’s customers look for a combination of new technologies and traditional banking. This is information provided by the Marketing and Segments team of the bank.

UniCredit Bulbank was the first Bulgarian bank to open a branch of the future of its own four years ago and now these branches attract twice as many customers as the traditional branches of the bank. In addition, the sales are 20% higher in comparison with those at the regular branches of UniCredit Bulbank.

The reason why is that these branches are completely adaptive to the needs of the individual customer. They have a modern design, extended working hours and provide the opportunity for every customer to pay in installments on accounts, under loans, for cards servicing, to withdraw funds or to perform payments.

Just a few days ago UniCredit Bulbank opened another branch of the future in Sofia. The branch is located where the former confectionery “Prague” used to be – on Rakovski Street. It has a modern image, different from the traditional one.  There, as well as in the other branches of the future of UniCredit Bulbank, the customers can take advantage of a new way of servicing – a mixture of high technologies, simplified processes and personal servicing.   The branch of the future has a self-service zone, too. Customers can perform the main banking operations there quickly and easily, at any time of the day and night, without waiting.

Nowadays, when it comes to banking services, UniCredit Bulbank’s customers look for convenience and time-saving. This is the reason why the number of users of UniCredit Bulbank mobile banking increased by almost 150% in 2016. Currently 70% of the customers use online and/or mobile banking.

Apart from this, the digitalization of the branches of the future encourages the customers to perform the main banking operations on their own. Over 85% of the operations at the branches of the future are performed only by customers (in contrast, the average percentage for the country is around 65%).

This means that the bankers in these branches can be more active with regard to the consultations and personal proposals for the customers.

You can also find more detailed information about the bank products of UniCredit Bulbank on the  website of the bank.