TBI Bank shows again the best result in profitability among the Bulgarian banks

TBI Bank is recognized as one of the top performing banks in Bulgaria and shows excellent results again in most categories, reports Capital “K10:Best Banks of 2017” annual ranking.

In 2016 the Bank occupied Top 6 place in overall bank ranking out of 21 banks in the country. This is the highest place achieved by the bank in the past 6 years.

Being one of the smallest banks on the market, TBI Bank has managed to compete successfully in areas such as Stability, Risk, Efficiency, Profitability, Sustainability and Growth with much bigger and well established international banking  groups, operating in Bulgaria. It is a great achievement for the new owner  and the management team.

“The leading positions in most indicators are a definite proof of our sound business model, innovative IT solutions and strong management team. This is the key to our success and our clients’ and partners’ satisfaction”, Petr Baron, CEO of TBIF Financial Services B.V. comments.

The bank traditionally retains its leading position on key Profitability indicators with the highest ranking in Profit Margin, Return on Assets and Return on Equity.

The Bank is also named 2nd best bank in two categories – “Sustainability and Dynamics” and “Efficiency and Profitability”.

In “Stability and Risk” category, the bank manages to occupy first place in two main indexes such as Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1) and best Capital/Assets ratio. It was also confirmed by asset quality review done by BNB in 2016th, where the Bank scored one of the highest marks.

“The future is for banks that are reasonable, adaptable and innovative enough”, said Valentin Galabov, Chairman of the MB of TBI Bank. “One of our main priorities is to be recognized among consumers as a smart, digital bank.”