SYNCHRON-S has finished a fire safety project in Bulgarian Development Bank

SYNCHRON-S has installed and put into operation a fire safety system in the new administrative building of Bulgarian Development Bank in the center of Sofia.

The completed project covers design, delivery and installation of equipment, commissioning and technical maintenance of a fire protection system in the new server room of the bank. In the framework of the project, an automatic fire extinguishing system with gas extinguishing agents, a local fire alarm system, and an air sampling aspiration system for early smoke detection were built.

The combined interaction of the three types of installations ensures the best strategy for fire protection of server rooms. The localization of fire occurs at a very early stage, thanks to which there is no risk of fire expansion. A possible fire can be stopped within seconds during which the equipment does not stop working. This ensures business continuity and maximum reliability and efficiency of fire protection, which is of paramount importance and a goal not only for this project, but also a basic principle in the activity of SYNCHRON-S.