Eight Bilateral Chambers Announce Position Statement on Rule of Law and Judicial Reform

Position Paper

Eight business associations joined to sign a position statement on the rule of law and judicial reform in Bulgaria and sent the position to Bulgaria’s institutions on June 28, 2017.

The businesses welcome the important steps made with the changes to the Constitution and the Judiciary Act introduced in 2015 and 2016. However, these changes were only the beginning, as they do not really address certain fundamental concerns. The judicial reform in Bulgaria is far from complete and the process must continue for the simple reason that this is a pre-condition for the Bulgarian nation to achieve true prosperity.

Independence of the judiciary, transparency and accountability of the prosecution, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the judicial process, e-justice and legal education reform are the most important elements the businesses believe must underpin real and substantive judicial reform.

When the reform is finally carried out and completed, this will enhance Bulgaria’s economic growth potential and will bring about real prosperity and justice for its people.

List of organizations that signed the position paper to institutions:

Advantage Austria
American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria
British Bulgarian Business Association
Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce
Canadian-Bulgarian Business Network
Confindustria Bulgaria
French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Norwegian Bulgarian Business Group

Find enclosed the full text of the statement in Bulgarian and English.