AmCham Meets with Minister of Labor and Social Policy

AmCham leadership met with Bisser Petkov, minister of labor and social policy on July 28, 2017.

Venislav Yotov, vice president and Zlatina Kushkieva, co-chair, Human Resources, Education and CSR Committee presented before the Minister and his team the policy recommendations of the AmCham 2017 White Paper in human capital development field.

Iva Todorova, BoD member and co-chair, Human Resources, Education and CSR Committee stressed the importance of legislative amendments in the labor policy: the regulations for overtime, fixed labor contracts, and agencies for temporary employment. They all are prerequisites for a better business environment, will provide more flexibility both for employers and employees, and make the country more attractive for investors, said Todorova.

Minister Petkov has agreed with most of the AmCham White Paper recommendations in the human capital development field and shared information related to initiatives of the Ministry. Currently a Draft Ordinance for Digitalization of the labor files is being prepared. The Labor Code must be updated as it is necessary to have more flexible labor legislation due to technological developments, said Minister Petkov.