Tour the Great American Eclipse with ESRI

The ESRI web app will be your guide to the most interesting facts and best places in the 2017 total solar eclipse in the United States.

On August 21, 2017, millions of people across USA will witness one of the nature`s breathtaking spectacles — a total eclipse of the Sun. To see such rare event is definitely an emotional experience and a memory for a lifetime. That`s why Esri, the global leader in Geographic Information Systems and spatial analytics, created a free web application called “Tour the Great American Eclipse” to help better understand, prepare for and view the celestial event.

The main advantage of the web app is that it gives details about the eclipse and drive times for every major city along with every eclipse viewing event inside the path of  the totality from Oregon all the way to South Carolina. The maps, animations, and analysis on the app are developed with the ArcGIS mapping technology and show how the advanced GIS can be applied to publish new eclipse maps of high precision and cartographic quality.

The coming eclipse is widely known as the Great American Eclipse because it will be visible across the entire United States, coast to coast, for the first time in about 99 years. From 10 a.m. on the west coast till nearly 3 p.m. on the east coast, the Moon`s shadow will plunge portions of 14 states into darkness during the day, creating an experience unlike any other.  

To explain this and other astronomical details connected with the eclipse, Esri team also developed an interactive Web GIS map based on the Storymap application Seeing the Great American Eclipse”. 
Through the power of authoritative maps combined with narrative text, images, and videos this storymap gathers at one place the answers to all your question for the Great American Eclipse this month.

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