American University in Bulgaria (AUBG)


The American University in Bulgaria (, a leader in Liberal Arts education 

and a fully accredited institution of higher learning in both the United States and Bulgaria, announces that Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev (2012-2017) assumes the position of a special envoy of the university.

President Rossen Plevneliev opened the twenty-seventh academic year of the American University in Bulgaria on September 6 in front of hundreds of students, professors, employees and friends of AUBG. The former Bulgarian head of state has taken an important mission – to be a special envoy of the university. Promoting Bulgaria as a world-class education destination and attracting excellent students and highly qualified teachers in Bulgaria will be among his goals.

AUBG President Steven Sullivan welcomed students: “Get the best out of what AUBG offers you. Do not be afraid to try new things, face new challenges, and make new friends. We will support you on the path to self-discovery, which is a guarantee of your future success. American style education gives you the freedom to choose – courses, disciplines, extracurricular activities, majors; try and change your schedule according to your needs. The recipe for a successful career is to love what you do. Discover your passion!”

“I am glad to share this special day with you – the day when Bulgaria celebrates its Unification,” President Plevneliev stated. “It is very symbolic that you are reuniting today to open AUBG’s new academic year. United we are stronger and we can do so much more. I see students from all over the world – from different nationalities, ethnicities, religions, cultures and backgrounds – you are united by your thirst for knowledge and you are here because you know that at AUBG you will acquire high-quality American education that will prepare you for future success.” President Plevneliev also said that in his new role as a special envoy he will be able to promote Bulgaria as a host of a world-class university education. “I hope that my commitment to the cause of the American University in Bulgaria will complement the image of our country as a place where quality education is offered, outstanding professors are teaching talented students, and all of that combined with a wonderful setting – both for living and for doing business.” He added that he would work for an ever closer collaboration between business with education – a concept that has been leading for the American University in Bulgaria since its establishment.

The new academic year for the students of the American University in Bulgaria starts today.