Leaders and Visioners Discuss Innovation, Regulation, and Investments at IT HUB CONNECT 2018

Can you imagine the World in 5 or 10 years when the machines will do the boring administration work and will guess intuitively what are the possible solutions for each of our Internet activity?

Even they can advise us for more profitable options for vacations, autonomous vehicles or even personalized coffee cups. It will not be hard, if since then the regulators, investors, and entrepreneurs agree among each other on the main lines of the users benefits and the protection of their personal data worldwide.

Can Bulgaria have its place in this picture?

These are part of the encoded messages of the upcoming international conference IT Hub Connect that will be held on March 26-27, 2018 at Sofia Tech Park.

The event offers vast range of topics that will be presented by some of the leaders in the growing digital economy.

Brussels Calling

The institutional framework will be shaped by the European Commission. The Digital Economy and Society Commissioner Maria Gabriel will greet the participants and will present the ideas that Brussels is to propose to the business in order to increase the development trend of the Europe’s digitalization, and the maintaining high competitive advantages compared with the United States, China, and India.

The good news for the European Union which is to be presented during the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of EU, is that IT Hub Connect gathers in one place representatives of the business and institutions from Europe, India, and US. The organizers from AmCham Bulgaria and the Indian-Bulgarian Business Chamber the conference is the first large-scale step towards intensification of the trilateral relationship in a way to foster innovations in the digital economy. Their ambition stretches to that end, that Bulgaria can be seen as India’s gateway to the EU’s Single Market, and Bulgaria to share and learn from India’s success stories, and digital experience.

Cyber security dialog will be initiated by Despina Spanou, Director for Digital Society, Trust and Cyber Security at the Directorate-General Communications Network, Content and Technology at the European Commission. Ms. Spanou will present the EU Cyber Security Strategy, and will talk about the problems that Commission has identified as hurdled in front of the sustainable development of the sector.

Among the top-speakers in this panel is Dr. Udo Helmbrecht who is the Executive Director of the ENISA – European Network and Internet Security Agency. Dr. Helmbrecht will present this special EU body which main tasks are to coordinate, to advise, and to have “hands-on” approach with the national cyber security agencies of the member states.

Flourishing Start-ups

Innovations and startups in the IT sector go hand in hand. The future of the developing economies goes by fostering the entrepreneurship in the digital reality context. All of this is linked with a sustainable network of startups. It has be imminently to be connected with the needs of the business, to solve concrete problems, and to be linked with investors.

Their own experience will be shared by a group of leading IT organizations. Mr. Kalin Radev, CEO, Software Group, has vast experience and insight about India, and Pacific region markets. His company is an excellent example for stable business that has successful partnerships and gained market share in the Far East. Ori Sobovitz will present the Israeli experience in building successful networks of startups, encouraging their development, and connection with the state and the education. Even more – the Israeli experience of the OurCrowd platform is valuable from the development of innovation and their market realization point of view.

Ivaylo Slavov, CEO, BULPROS will share his entrepreneurial experience and his vision for upgrade of the already working IT models of risk capital investment in Bulgaria. The broader picture of the Bulgarian startup landscape will be presented by Natanail Stefanov, chairman of the Bulgarian Startups Association.

What do the investors look for?

This question will be answered by a group of venture capital investors that have successfully proved a track of investments and that have managed investment funds. Their experience and guidance will share

  • Evgeni Angelov, chairman of the Bulgarian Venture Capital Association,
  • Dimitar Enchev, from Postscriptum Ventures,
  • Evling Guri from Empower Capital,
  • Ivaylo Gospodinov from Black Sea Capital,
  • Stanimir Sirakov from LaunchHUB Venture, and
  • Vasil Terziev who is co-founder of Telerik Academy.
About the conference

IT Hub Connect 2018 takes place on 26 and 27 March 2018 at Sofia Tech Park. The organizers are the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, and the Indian-Bulgarian Business Association. The event is held under auspices of the Bulgarian Presidency of the European Union.

Among the companies that support the conference are Software Group, Microsoft Bulgaria, Vivacom, RSA, Ernst and Young Bulgaria, UniCredit Bulbank, Deloitte Bulgaria, IBM, PwC, TeleLink, etc.