Ivaylo Slavov, BULPROS: Security and Regulations are the main challenges in technologies

Security and regulations are the main challenges in the field of technologies. We need a new UN and new framework in which the states and all people to be placed. This was stated by Ivaylo Slavov, CEO of BULPROS at “Club Investor” Program hosted by Mr. Ivaylo Lakov on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

He commented the business environment in Bulgaria pointing out that there is visible significant interest in the local market to renew not only the used technology and applications, but way of thinking.

“We create world class products and huge technology giants have decided that Bulgaria is the place that to happen.” – said also Mr. Slavov. “Since 2009-2010 we started actively to deliver our best for the creation of a better startup ecosystem.”

He pointed also out that lack of qualified workforce in the IT Sector is a global problem, not only a Bulgarian one. By his words there are over 1 mln. jobs that are looking for their appointments globally.


Source: BloombergTV Bulgaria (video in Bulgarian