AmCham Community News Expected

AmCham website was upgraded in 2016.

It is the main pillar of the Communication platform of the Chamber. By utilizing it each member is given an unique opportunity to share content (news) with the rest members of the AmCham Community, to register for events, and to participate in the work of the AmCham Committees.

The 15-pages user-friendly guide provides structured and concise information of the initial steps that are required for a member’s representatives to register, upload content, and files that are relevant for the member’s activities and profile on the website.

There are 2 main goals that will be achieved if the members actively upload information:

  • The website becomes a focal point for the AmCham community in Bulgaria
  • Each member will share selected content and will get visibility for the sake of the growing business opportunities, reputation building.

The AmCham Bulgaria Website User Guide is available here.