Petar T. Ivanov: Trump is Pragmatic, as Well as the American Business (Video)

The American Business is very pragmatic, and the President Trump comes from those business circles. In such a way the Executive Director of AmCham Bulgaria Petar T. Ivanov explained the moves of the American President in his term so far. It was stated at the “In Development” Broadcast of BloombergTV Bulgaria hosted by Ms. Veronika Denizova.

“The main rule in this business is to have benefit for the company – in this case for the USA and for the presidency,” Ivanov explained.

“It is very easy to say that the President Trump’s policy is not good. The matter here is from this point of view.”

According to him the political system is such that the pragmatic decisions are not always the right ones.

“Here we are reaching the philosophical question if the political system today matches of the Generation Z, which does not watch TV at all. And if this political system is not old compared to the realities.

Ivanov believes that pragmatism will prevail at the end.

“The Transpacific Trade agreement is currently under reconsideration after the initial decision of Trump’s to exit of it. About NAFTA it is evident that after USA withdrawal, it will lead to job losses too,” – explained the Executive Director of AmCham Bulgaria.

“However, the politics is not pragmatic activity. Sometimes there are moves to be made, which seems illogical to those of us that do business.”

Source and video: BloombergTV Bulgaria