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The Outsourcing Industry is Transforming

“In the outsourcing industry we are facing major changes on a global level which are driven by the cloud technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, etc.”, said Ivaylo Slavov, CEO, BULPROS. All of them are part of the Digital Transformation which has great impact on the outsourcing services – the traditional project based approach is not the preferred one anymore. The demand for added value is increasing and companies are now looking for shared services, outsourcing of business processes, human resources, facility management, etc. At the core of this trend is the need for highly qualified experts, especially in the IT sector. Nowadays software is everywhere and regardless of the industry, companies need to find a way to benefit from the opportunities which the digital transformation offers.

In the context of this trend, the main challenge which the industry is facing is the need for experts. The Bulgarian outsourcing industry is expected to reach more than EUR 2.5 bln and contribute over 4.2% of the country’s GDP by 2020. This growth depends on the people and in order to achieve it the government, the business and the educational institutions need to collaborate and to focus on relevant measures. Ivaylo Slavov emphasized on the need to motivate the educated and qualified Bulgarians to return and work here. “What we as an outsourcing association and the other clusters and branch organization can do is create and implement projects which focus on the advantages of Bulgaria. I will work hard to organize these types of events”, said Ivaylo Slavov. As the business opportunities for BULPROS and the other companies grow, he pointed out that they all share the same goals to motivate the young talented professionals to return and work from their home country.

Another trend, which is transforming the industry, is the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which allows the automation of some business processes. For example, one of the services which is often offered by the BPO companies is company profiling. As a person can make 40 call per day and an AI based solution – 150, the automation of this process will lead to time and budget optimization. The new technologies will generate a shift in many industries but it will also offer new opportunities for the employees to retrain and acquire new skills. As there is a high demand for IT specialists, the industry can benefit from this trend and attract new professionals.

Although Bulgaria is a recognized and preferred outsourcing destination and the industry drives economic growth, it can perform even better. One possible solution is to develop the potential of cities like Blagoevgrad, Veliko Tarnovo, Burgas and Ruse. The prerequisites for achieving this goal are: universities, educated people, local government support and business offices. This will be one of the main priorities of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association.


“We want to be part of this strategic region in Europe and even be the leading outsourcing destination”, said Ivaylo Slavov.


Ivaylo Slavov, CEO at BULPROS and member of the Board of Directors of AmCham Bulgaria, was elected as the new Chairman of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association on May 29th, 2018. In an interview for the leading business magazine „Capital“ he shared his views on the development of the industry – its trends and challenges. AmCham.bg republishes its highlights.



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