ESRI Bulgaria Ltd.

Interactive GIS map helps the fight against Tuberculosis in Bulgaria

For the needs of the programs for prevention and control of tuberculosis in the country, Esri Bulgaria developed a specialized web GIS map

that shows the contracting organizations for prevention and control of the dangerous disease.

The web map is published on the website of the program “To Improve the Tuberculosis Control in Bulgaria ” at the Ministry of Health and shows the location and detailed information about the medical centers and all the institutions involved in improving the access to prevention and treatment of tuberculosis in Bulgaria.

With the help of the GIS map, organizers aim to draw attention to this global health problem by providing accessible information to all interested parties in a new, engaging way. At present, the activities under the current programs in the country are carried out by 29 district medical institutions, 33 laboratories, 12 medical centers, 2 medical establishments working in the system of the General Directorate of “Execution of Penalties” at the Ministry of Justice and 25 NGOs working with compact Roma communities, people with alcohol dependence, homeless people, children at risk, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

The interactive map was developed by ESRI Bulgaria team, in pursuance of the company’s corporate social responsibility policy, with a data from the “National Program for Tuberculosis Prevention and Control 2017-2020” and the program “To Improve the Tuberculosis Control in Bulgaria” financed by The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. The geo-information map is developed with the ArcGIS Online intuitive tools, part of ESRI complete mapping Platform. The technology allows direct integration of the online map into each website, thus facilitating the promotion of the information.

The map is available here.