“Wine temptation” therapy at the Arena di Serdica Wellness Club

Indulge in our special “Wine temptation” therapy by Anne Semonin

The products used in the therapy “Oenotherapy” contain antioxidants and nourishing ingredients. The grape neutralizes the free radicals and has huge amount of vitamins. Its oil has moisturizing and protective qualities.

For over 30 years, Anne Semonin has been providing a complete line of skincare products for the face and body. Anne Semonin products combine essential oils, a unique cosmetic ingredient known to penetrate the skin with trace elements and minerals that strengthen and increase the delivery power and action of natural actives tenfold.


The therapy includes:

✓ Full body exfoliation with grape seeds – This plant-based granular scrub has a tantalizing, innovative texture. Accelerates the regeneration of new skin and has revitalizing / draining properties.

✓ Deep moisturizing mask with red grape – Rich in micronized plant extracts, providing a perfect and effective penetration of the active ingredients.

It reinforces the regenerative processes in the skin and has a revitalizing and draining action.

✓ Relaxing and revitalizing whole body massage with red grapes – the extracts removed during the procedure are completely absorbed by the skin to restore, nourish and retain moisture in it. Helps detox and drainage processes in the body. Helps reduce stress and relieve muscles by using a combination of heat, pressure and the effect of natural plant extracts.

✓ Reflexology – feet and hands

✓ Relaxing and moisturizing massage – face, scalp, neck and shoulders, with natural shea butter



✓ Relaxation area – sauna and steam bath

✓ A glass of red/white wine

✓ Plateau with seasonal fruits

✓ Mineral water


Treatment duration: 120 min

Suitable for: Women

Price: 159.00 284.00

Valid until: 31.12.2018

The offer is valid for Arena di Serdica Wellness Club or Crystal Palace Wellness Club.

For reservations and information:

Arena di Serdica Wellness Club
☎ 02 810 78 07 | ☎ +359 878 441 174
✉ [email protected]

Crystal Palace Wellness Club
☎ +359 2 9 489 496 | ☎ +359 886 18 58 11
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