Radomir Milanov is The New Managing Director of SAP Bulgaria

SAP announced the appointment of Radomir Milanov as the managing director of SAP Bulgaria. He successes at the position Rumyana Trencheva who recently achieved a new managing role in the region. Mr. Milanov will lead the commercial activities of SAP in Bulgaria, including the sales of licences and services, partners relations, and customers management.

Mr. Milanov is part of teh managing team of SAP in the local office for three years now. He served as interim managing director for the last four months till his permemanent appointiment since August 1st, 2018. He will continue to report directly to Mr. Gregor Potokar, CEO for CEE of SAP.


Radomir Milanov’s Experience

Mr. Milanov, 41, gradudated Macroeconomics at the UNWE, Sofia, and has a Master Degree from Henley Business School at Universtiy of Reading, UK. He worked 11 years in IBM, while in this period he had various local and international positions. Prior the promotion he was the Commercial Director of SAP Bulgaria and he was responsible for the sales and the business strategy of SAP in the banking, finance and insurance, energy, domestic services, and telecom sectors in the country. His responsibilities included the creation, management, development, and the expansion of the partnership network in Bulgaria.


“SAP is an extraordinary company with huge potential. We are developing ourselves as a modern, wise and progressive business partner. We place our customers in the core of our exciting technological transformation. We will continue our joint work with start-ups, FinTech companies, and other avant-guarde players in different sectors. Also, I would like to focus our energy and to aim in projects that will transform the Bulgarian companies into intelligent enterprises.” – Milanov says about his new role.


Bulgaria is a key market for SAP

“The proven experience, the achieved high results, and strong commitment of Radomir’s to add value to our customers, make him the most suitable leader who will develop our activities and the business of SAP in Bulgaria. The country is a key market in this region.” – says Mr. Gregor Potokar, CEO for CEE of SAP.


Source: Webcafe.bg