TBI Bank appoints George Galtchin as new Digital Transformation Manager

George Galtchin joins TBI Bank as Digital Transformation Manager. Possessing over 25 years of experience in the field, he brings IT vision and leadership in the development, management and implementation of the tech strategy for the Bank’s digital future.


“TBI Bank’s goal is to become the next gen digital lender, aimed at servicing clients’ needs the quickest and most convenient way. This sets new challenges for the IT team and we actively improve our IT infrastructure. Our aim is to expand the use of cloud technologies, implement innovative software products and experiment with various approaches to project management. I am excited to become part of the TBI family, as this is a great opportunity to seize IT solutions in the banking sector” – said Galtchin.


George will work with cutting edge IT solutions to accelerate the achievement of TBI Bank’s goals and will also take the lead on building a dedicated team of top talents. He will manage a variety of projects related to finding technological solutions and best practices to be employed in the Bank’s structure.


“In the last two years TBI Bank has invested in key talent and we are happy to welcome yet another proven expert as George in our team. His prolific experience in strategic planning will be complementary to existing core expertise in times when you have to challenge yourself to grow. We set our bars high and aim to ensure utmost customer experience. For that, we must adapt to technological progress and we often develop from scratch tailor made solutions. This is a prerequisite for TBI Bank’s success in the today’s and tomorrow’s reality, as it gives our customers more flexibility and freedom”, said Petr Baron, CEO of TBIF Financial Services, the company owner of TBI Bank.

A graduated Master of Finance and Financial Services Management, George boasts a flair for building flying machinery – from helicopters and airplanes to drones.