Postbank (Eurobank Bulgaria AD)

Postbank launches the first bank loan chatbot

Postbank developed the first bank loan chatbot in Bulgaria – EVA (Electronic Virtual Assistant), which will reply to customer questions in the popular Facebook Messenger app. It will be available 24/7 to provide useful and structured information for different banking products, such as consumer loans, credit cards and loan consolidation programmes. By launching its own chatbot, Postbank made yet another step in the introduction of innovative financial solutions and services that facilitate the users as much as possible.

“The idea to create EVA came as a natural continuation of the strategy to digitalize Postbank and our strive to communicate with our customers in the best possible way. The number of Facebook users is constantly growing, as the data showed that their number in Bulgaria is nearly two million. The analysis showed that the people increasingly seek informal communication with their bank, whether they are at home, at the office, having coffee, or traveling with friends – they want their bank office to be in their telephones. Our response to that need is the creation of the chatbot EVA. The consumers may now receive all necessary information in a direct conversation with it in the Messenger app without disrupting their comfort. With EVA we offer the consumers the unique possibility to choose the proper solutions in accordance with their financial needs by having an easy communication with the bank – just as they communicate with their acquaintances. Our idea is to constantly develop the chatbot, and the services provided through it to constantly increase,” Postbank commented.

The chatbot is a software solution, which allows to reply automatically to the most frequently asked questions through text, photos, links and other elements. It is an electronic virtual assistant, which remotely consults the consumers faster and through the devices selected by them. The chatbot is a modern and increasingly preferred mode of communication because it improves the service process, it offers the consumers personalized services and improves their experience in the contact with the company. Its major positive feature is that its available 24/7 and is easy to access – by logging in to the Messenger.


EVA, Postbank’s chatbot, has its own Facebook page. The users can search EVA also through Postbank’s official Facebook page.


Source: Postbank