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Shell 2017 Sustainability Report

On 9 April Shell published their 2017 Sustainability Report, which describes how the company is working responsibly to help meet the world’s growing demand for more and cleaner energy.

This is the 21st edition of the Shell Sustainability Report.

The report outlines our approach to sustainability and covers the company’s social, safety and environmental performance in 2017.

The report sets out how Shell is playing a role in the energy transition and details Shell’s contribution to society, which includes providing people with access to energy products. The company also contributes through paying taxes, procuring local goods and services, hiring locally and supporting social investment programmes.

The report also includes a wealth of case studies to show how we integrate sustainability in our activities. In his introduction to the 2017 Sustainability Report, Shell’s Chief Executive Officer Ben van Beurden writes:

“Sustainability is essential to the way we do business. Our Sustainability Report is an account of our progress in this area as we continue to deliver energy products society needs in the transition to a low-carbon world.”

Each year, we use a structured process to select the report’s content and confirm its validity. This includes engaging with groups and individuals to understand concerns about our business and its impacts. We also seek advice from the sustainability and corporate reporting experts on our Report Review Panel.

The report is available online at

Download the report here.

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